About Us

PT. Muliaoffset Packindo was initially established on a 500m² area by Muljono Hadi in 1975. In 1983, the workshop moved to a 1,000m² area on Siliwangi road, Semarang. Focusing on packaging industry, PT. Muliaoffset Packindo moved to Madukoro industrial area, occupying 2,700m² area in 1989. In 1995, the workshop moved again to a 6,300m² area in a more strategic location in terms of production and distribution.

From 1989 up to now, PT. Muliaoffset Packindo expanded its industry scope by setting up several printing department. Adjusting to such development, a parent company is established. It is called Mulia Printing Group. Mulia Printing Group serves as the parent company for several divisions, including PT. Muliaoffset Packindo. Apart from PT. Muliaoffset Packindo division, in 1994, Mulia Printing Group set up Continuous Form division, under the name of PT Muliaform Grafindo, focusing on bill form and statement of account printing. In 2002, Mulia Printing Group set up Flexible Packaging division, under the name of PT Muliapack Gravurindo, focusing on plastic based printing.

With more than 30 years of expertise in printing and serving customers in local Java and nationally, PT. Muliaoffset Packindo is very confident that in the coming years, PT. Muliaoffset Packindo is able to mark an outstanding achievement more than what is achieved recently.